Fund Raising & Refinancing

We arrange equity and debt finance for all types and sizes of companies, institutions and governments and we are pleased to intoduce overseas companies to the London Stock Exchange for listing and fund raising purposes:

Working Capital

  • Overdrafts
  • Short term loans
  • Stock financing
  • Invoice discounting
  • Factoring

Medium and Long Term Finance

  • Medium and long term loans
  • Commercial mortgages
  • Leasing and hire purchase
  • Mezzanine finance

Equity Capital

  • Ordinary
  • Preference
  • Development
  • Venture
  • Private placements
  • Listings


  • Syndicating risks as appropriate

London Stock Exchange / AIM

A listing (stock market quotation) and fund raising (IPO) in the London market is open to companies from all sectors and from all over the world. Under listing rules, all companies must produce an admission document that includes information about the company's directors, their promoters, business activities and financial position. A London listing offers:

  • access to a unique, globally respected market
  • access to a wide pool of capital
  • enhanced profile - heightened interest in your company
  • increased status and credibility
  • improved acquisition opportunities

An important aspect, when considering a listing, is the need to persuade investors in London and around the world of the qualities of your company and its prospects, so that they will be prepared to buy shares and ensure the success of your listing. It will therefore be necessary to demonstrate that the business is soundly managed, that you have a robust business plan and that the management has the right skills and commitment for carrying the company forward.

Choosing suitable, good quality advisers is one of the most important steps towards a listing and fund raising. Because there are so many aspects to a listing and fund raising, legal and regulatory, financial and marketing, it is absolutely essential that suitable experienced advisers are used.

We assist overseas companies with their listing and IPO requirements in London on the London Stock Exchange.

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